Ribbon can be found in top of the open sheet.

It consists of: File, Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review, View.

Among each cards, we move by clicking on particular one or using the keyboard shortcut ALT +appropriate letter. Individual shortcuts will be found by pressing ALT and each card will immediately show a letter to be pressed further. Great help, if mouse stops working.

Customize Ribbon

Right-click anywhere on panel board , then click Customize Ribbon.

Here we can customize individual cards located in Ribbon. Just select required card and add or remove required command.

It’s even possible to create a new custom tab by clicking New Tab where you can place your most used commands. It automatically creates a new tab by dragging it on desired place and click Rename on the bottom right.

Then you can add your most used commands to your Favorites tab in a simple way – select command in the menu and click Add>>.

It looks like this…

How to hide Ribbon?

Sometimes it’a appropriate to hide Ribbon, not to interfere with work. There are multiple choices:

  1. click the bottom right on the roof in the Ribbon
  2. press CTRL+F1
  3. right-click on the Ribbon, and then click Collapse Ribbon

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