Workbook and worksheets in Excel


When you start Excel, usually Home Screen appears first divided into 2 parts:

  • the last open files appear in the left Sidebar – advantageous, if you need to continue working or view the data in that file
  • in the right main section is menu of prepared templates which will make it easier for us to work, if we want to use one of them – first in order is new Blank workbook.

If the home screen is interfering, you can simply disable its displaying. Click on template Blank workbook. Then click File–>Options, and uncheck the checkbox Show the Start screen when this application starts.

After this arrangement, a New blank workbook will always open after startup.

Standard tasks such as open new sheet, open existing sheet, save, save as, close – can be implemented via the File menu and clicking on each options or you can use keyboard shortcuts, which I am accustomed to.

More specifically:

  • open Blank workbook – CTRL+N
  • open existing workbook – CTRL+O
  • save workbook (once or continuously) – CTRL+S
  • save as (e.g.: under a different name or in different format) – F12
  • close currently opened workbook (but also for any other app) – ALT+F4

Above, we’ve shown how to ban Displaying Start screen. Besides that, in this way you can set other interesting choices. I recommend to go through in detail.


As in every right workbook, so in Excel’s are sheets. In common practice often happens that we use multiple sheets in workbook. Let’s take a look how to handle with worksheet.

Addition of new worksheet

  • simply click on the plus icon (+) at the bottom of the screen
  • or choose a sheet for which we need to insert a new one and gradually click
    Home->Insert->Insert sheet

  • or we can use an interesting choice – right-click on sheet, choose Insert, and subsequently we can decide if we insert just clear sheet or one of the prepared solutions…

Rename the worksheet

We have a multiple choices. As the fastest one, I recommend double-click on the title of the sheet, subsequently we just write the new title we need and press Enter.

Moving the worksheets

The sheet is moved by simply dragging the mouse to the place we need.

Creation of a copy of the sheet

Right-click on the sheet you want to create the copy. In pop-up window click Move or Copy.

Then we just select where we want to copy or move the sheet (beware of the checkbox Create a copy), then select the position of the sheet in given workbook and press Enter.

Protect Sheet

Right-click on tab sheet which we need to secure. In pop-up window just click Protect Sheet.

Then set password, and specify what activities a regular user can perform in that sheet.

Hide / Unhide the sheet

Right-click on the tab sheet that we need to hide. In pop-up window choose Hide sheet.

For unhide we do the same, and subsequently select which of the Hide sheet we want to (if there’s more) Unhide.

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